Our Values

We believe that the fundamental ingredient for a thriving organization is SPICE:


In our team, 'Service' is all about delivering with respect, quality, and adaptability. We're punctual, reliable, and always true to our word – showing respect in every action. Flexibility is our superpower; we roll with the changes and turn challenges into opportunities. Embracing feedback is part of our DNA, helping us refine and elevate our service. Adaptability isn’t just a skill, it’s our mindset; we’re quick to adjust and innovate. And through it all, we hold ourselves accountable to deliver nothing but the best quality. For us, service isn’t just a task, it’s a commitment to excellence.

Here’s how to achieve the core value of Service:

Show up on time, keep your word and follow through. We’re on time, reliable, and always stick to our promises. It’s about showing we care through our actions.

Change? No problem. We’re all about staying flexible and adapting on the fly, making sure we’re always ready for whatever comes our way. We plan for the worst. Hope for the best. We are comfortable with being uncomfortable. That's where we grow.

We see feedback as a gift. We listen, learn, and use it to improve, constantly striving to be better.

Being adaptable is in our nature. We quickly pivot and adjust to new situations, keeping our service fresh and effective.

Quality isn’t just a goal, it’s our standard. We aim high in everything we do, ensuring top-notch service every time. We take pride in our work.

Personal Accountability

In our world, Personal Accountability is more than an attitude; it's a way of being. We're all about taking charge, owning our actions, and pushing limits. Think 'It’s My Fault Attitude' – we embrace our mistakes and learn from them. Our team is aggressive in the best way, always hungry for better and ready to make sacrifices for the win. Commitment is key; we're not just hanging out, we're all in. This means being more than casual, because in our game, it’s go big or go home.

Here’s how to achieve the core value of Personal Accountability:

Own it like a boss. Whether it’s a win or a learning moment, we take responsibility for our actions and outcomes. It's about stepping up and saying, 'I got this.

Mistakes? Sure, we make them. But we own them, too. It’s all about learning, growing, and not being afraid to say, 'Yep, my bad,' and then making it right.

We go full throttle. Aggressive here means being passionately proactive, not waiting for things to happen but making them happen with energy and drive.

Sometimes, we've got to give to get. We're not scared to sacrifice the small stuff to hit those big goals. It's all about the long game.

For us, commitment means serious business. We're not here to play it safe or be casual. We're dedicated, focused, and always aiming higher. Casual people turn into casualties.


Having Initiative on our team means you've got the drive to steer your own ship. We’re all about self-direction, navigating our paths and earning our stripes through real, hard-earned achievements. Confidence is our middle name – we believe in our skills and dive into challenges head-on. Taking charge isn’t just encouraged, it’s expected. Here, we don’t just dream; we do. We're movers, shakers, and makers, turning ambitions into realities.

Here’s how to achieve the core value of Initiative:

We don’t need to be told to do what is ours to do. We take full ownership of every aspect of our role, doing whatever it takes to make it happen.

No shortcuts here. We earn our successes through dedication and hard work, proving our mettle with every challenge we conquer. You can’t wait for your promotion, you have to earn it.

Believe in yourself. We’re all about embracing our abilities and tackling tasks with a can-do attitude that turns 'I think' into 'I know.'

Lead the way. Taking initiative isn’t just welcome; it's how we roll. We jump at opportunities and make things happen.

There are never enough hours in the day. Move through your role with a sense of purpose and urgency, achieving maximum results possible in the limited time we do have.


Here, we talk straight and listen well. It's all about being brave enough to say what needs to be said and cool enough to not sweat the small stuff. We’re big on teamwork and believe in working things out - the good, the bad, and everything in between. It’s about being honest, but also about understanding where the other person is coming from. On our team, every voice counts, and we're all about keeping it real and respectful. This is how we roll: clear, empathetic, and always together.

Here’s how to achieve the core value of Communication:

We’re all about the tough conversations. Speak up even if you’re nervous. We value every team member’s input and are constantly seeking to improve.

Communication is not just about talking or agreeing to what someone else said; it's about independently thinking on your own and expressing your original point of view. Our discussions are not just exchanges of information, but opportunities to build something greater together, leveraging the collective wisdom of our team.

We’re not mind readers. To work efficiently and foster a culture of respect, our team commits to following our communication guidelines.

This is not a company for weak minded people who will get easily offended. Make the conscious choice not to sweat the small stuff.

Lead with empathy at every turn and treat people with respect. Treat others the way you’d want to be treated at all times. Bottom line: Don’t be a jerk.

Great teamwork starts with clear expectations. We keep everyone in the loop and value every voice. Together, we’re stronger, smarter, and way more fun.

Always tell the truth. There’s no alternative. Our integrity and reliability are absolute non-negotiables. If you see something, say something. There's no hiding.


At the heart of 'Explore' is our constant quest to level up, always aiming for that 1% better every day. We're big on feedback – it fuels our growth and sharpens our ideas. Our team doesn't just wait for problems; we're ahead of the game, bringing solutions to the table. Here, independent thinking is the norm; we love fresh perspectives and unique solutions. And yeah, we're all about outcomes – effort is great, but results? That's where we shine. It's this curious spirit that keeps us evolving, always looking for the next big thing.

Here’s how to achieve the core value of Explore:

Every day, it’s about getting just a bit better. It’s not about huge leaps, but those small, consistent steps forward that add up to big changes.

Feedback is our secret sauce. We take it, we use it, and we grow from it. It’s all about listening, adapting, and becoming more awesome. Don’t make the same mistakes again.

Why wait for a mess to clean up? We’re all about nipping problems in the bud, thinking ahead, and keeping things smooth and smart.

Got a different way of looking at things? Perfect. We thrive on unique ideas and fresh takes. It’s all about being bold and thinking out of the box.

Don’t confuse effort with results. Sure, effort counts, but for us, it’s the finish line that matters. We’re focused on nailing those results, because that’s what really makes the difference.