Be prepared: Essential PPE for returning to the workplace

Your office will never be the same again. Your team is nervous, and they should be! We’ve been in quarantine for a while now and...
Bulk PPE Essentials

Your office will never be the same again. Your team is nervous, and they should be! We’ve been in quarantine for a while now, and it’s difficult to imagine casually returning back to the office after everything we’ve been through the past few months. How to return safely is, understandably, a big concern.

As the curve flattens, however, it will soon be time to do just that. When we do go back to the office, it will be up to all of us to make sure we do our part to keep that curve as flat as possible. As an article from PWC agrees, “ The health and safety of the workforce should be management’s top priority as it considers how to bring operations back to some semblance of normal.”  

PPE, or Personal Protective Equipment will be a necessary part of everyone’s safety strategy. Making sure your employees have access to this PPE is essential, not only for keeping them safe, but making them feel safe. 

That’s where we come in.

Let’s do our part to flatten the curve:, traditionally known for sourcing unique promotional products and custom swag boxes, has pivoted to help with the growing need for PPE. We’ve been working with our clients to help them access all the supplies they’re going to need to welcome team members back to the office safely. We’ve also made a commitment to donate PPE to hospitals with every order we complete.

Baptist Hospital East in Louisville, KY is one of few hospitals we’ve been delighted to donate to.

With this shift, we’ve noticed a spike in orders for bulk hand sanitizer bottles, custom-branded face masks, gloves, bulk antibacterial wipes, and other PPE. Office managers and HR departments are in serious need of these PPE items for their teams, and it’s because they’re going to be an unavoidable part of going to work safely for the foreseeable future. No matter what your back to work PPE needs look like, we’re here to help! 

Here are some back-to-the-office PPE product recommendations to make the transition safe for your employees:

  • Face masks – put your logo on it!
  • Bulk hand sanitizer bottles
  • Hand sanitizer stations
  • Anti-bacterial wipes
  • Plexiglass shields
  • PPE and swag vending machines
  • No-touch keychain door opener
  • Social distancing signage/decals

PPE options for your office

  • Face masks: In an article from Holland and Knight, “wearing masks/face coverings where social distancing is not possible or unlikely to be effective” is cited as a key strategy for promoting employee safety as we return to the office. These reusable, washable face coverings help stop the spread of germs. The cloth masks can also be fully customized to include your logo and branding.



Benefits of using cloth face masks:

  • Deters the wearer from touching their face
  • When worn by everyone, it provides two layers of protection between each person’s mouth and nose.
  • Encourages social distancing
  • Makes everyone feels safer
  • These masks can be ordered blank here, or customized with your company branding for some added oomph!

We also carry KN95 surgical grade masks. These masks can be used as a layer with a reusable cloth mask for better protection.


  • Bulk hand sanitizer bottles: Setting up hand sanitizer stations and encouraging their frequent use throughout the day will help keep everyone’s hands and environment germ-free. Getting rid of germs is an essential part of slowing the spread and cutting down on the transfer of germs from person to person.




  • Hand sanitizer stations: Specially designed to hold and dispense hand sanitizer, place these around your office space, warehouse, or kitchen to give your employees easy access to germ-fighting power.







  • Anti-bacterial wipes: According to Stephanie Balaouras of Forester, “maintaining a rigorous cleaning schedule for facilities and continued hygiene procedures” will be essential to employee safety as we head back into the traditional workspace. Germs are bound to spread to every surface of the office, no matter how careful you are.  Anti-bacterial wipes help ensure that the germs stop there before they get into your body or onto your hands.



Plexiglass Shields: These portable partitions are made of clear plastic, allowing people to see and speak to one another while maintaining social distancing. Perfect for receptionists, cashiers, and other employees who have to interact a lot with people from outside the office.







  • PPE Swag vending machines: Create a centralized hub where your employees can pick up PPE as they need it. These vending machines, which can be fully customized with your branding and colors, come stocked with various PPE products.

By setting custom parameters for the quantity of each item that employees can withdraw within a certain time period, it allows you to control exactly how much PPE is distributed to each employee. You can also stock the vending machine with promotional products to add a dash of fun!




  • Door key opener keychains: Avoid the germs and bacteria that live on all kinds of surfaces such as door hands, doorbells, ATM machines, and elevator buttons. These keychains have a special grip and can be used to turn doorknobs, pushbuttons, even twist keys! They provide an extra barrier between your employees and possible contamination.





  • Social distancing signage: Post signs around the office reminding everyone of good social distancing/hygiene practices. These signs can be customized with your branding, information specific to your offices, and even encouraging messages to keep spirits up as you transition. These signs are also available as floor decals!


Signs for lunchrooms or other places.

Floor decal signs


Return to reality prepared for anything

The world will be returning to (somewhat) normal soon. It’s up to all of us to be prepared for that transition. Make sure your clients and employees remain safe when they come back to work. 

Contact us to order your PPE today, and make sure your team is ready for the transition ahead!

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Be prepared: Essential PPE for returning to the workplace

Your office will never be the same again. Your team is nervous, and they should be! We’ve been in quarantine for a while now and…

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